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Virtual Assistants trained to fulfill your agency operations, use your AMS and Rater. We promise to make it work, or cancel at any time, no commitment, no setup fee.

  • Data Security through Virtually Hosted Desktops
  • VA University course for real world insurance training
  • VOIP phone systems with recorded calls for security and training
  • Productivity and efficiency tracking through VA Vision
  • Continuous training and management with supervisors
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See how Agency VA assistants are transforming the success of insurance agencies.

Agency VA virtual Assistants can do telemarketing, warm transfers, client facing type tasks.
Agency VA virtual assistants are well trained, and crucial part of our team.

Nicholas AyersThrivesure Insurance

Just shear cost Agency VA virtual assistants is about half of what we pay our team here. Double the work for half the cost. We are going to continue to work with them, we are going to continue to scale with them.

Matt NaimoliG&N insurance

THEY ARE AWESOME! They can do back office, and client facing tasks. Agency VA virtual assistants can do Emails, Endorsements, Admin Tasks, also they can answer phones if needed.

Jason CassThe Insurance Alliance

I wanted to work with some type of professional agency, as opposed to getting my VA through the grapevine. The rate is very fair! If you don't have enough time in the day, you need an Agency VA virtual assistant.

Preston SchmidliFriends with benefits Insurance

We talk to our agency va virtual assistant every day. She helps us with quotes, re-quotes, back office admin. Recently I sent our agency va virtual assistant info for a quote at 430 PM on a Friday. By 450 the quote was returned, video proposal created. POLICY SOLD!

Troy ThompsonTroy Thompson

My Agency VA virtual assistant is bi-lingual speaking both English and Spanish. It's important that we get that help with both languages. Our Agency VA virtual assistant allows us to be a lot more efficient. We use our VA primarily for quoting and service. I would definitely give Agency Va a try!

Nato GuajardoTWFG- Guajardo Insurance

After working with 100s of insurance agencies, we learned that each wanted security, transparency, and accountability. Each Agency VA virtual assistant's keystrokes, mouse movement, screen refresh rate, is tracked to provide a pulse on your business. Utilizing this data, the agency VA virtual assistant will receive a score 1-100 indicating productivity levels. With an innovative software like VA Vision, all your team will be on the same page, to efficiently move your business from valleys to the mountain top. We are excited to let all our clients experience VA vision!

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Our methods to train and onboard Agency VA virtual assistants

Price counts, service matters.

Our goal is to save you money! By pairing experienced, licensed agents with your Virtual Assistant, you get the experience but not the cost.



Minimal Accent
Enrolled in Agency VA university


$1,999 per month 40 hours a week

$1,199 per month 20 hours a week



Minimal Accent
 Completed Agency VA University

$2,599 per month 40 hours a week

$1,499 per month 20 hours a week



P & C Licensed
Years of Insurance Experience.
Insurance Sales
Experience with most carriers.
Completed Agency VA University.

$3,499 per month 40 hours a week

$1,999 per month 20 hours a week

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you!

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Cost Savings

Save on the high cost to recruit, train, and filings for new hires. Virtual Assistants are Agency VA employees, so you don’t have to spend more time and money on new employees. Save thousands of dollars on wages and benefits, while still providing optimal customer service.

Lead Generation

Our virtual assistants have spent countless hours in the telemarketing profession. They’ve honed their skills to overcome common objections and gather the vital information you need in order to close a sale.

Back Office

Training on AMS systems is a must for our Virtual Assistants. Our team is well trained on systems such as EzLynx, Hawksoft, QQ Catalyst, and NowCerts so that you can have the confidence in your Virtual Assistant on day one.

Inbound Calls

Each Virtual Assistant has a successful track record of answering inbound calls in real time for property and casualty agencies. Our VAs will gather all the required data for your agents while providing a friendly and welcoming conversation.

Our Virtual Assistants are trained and experienced in all of the following systems

We Hire, Train and Manage for you!

Don’t waste time and money hiring from job boards. Let our team provide the support to your staff so you don’t have to get bogged down training new hires and processing documents. New employees have a high acquisition cost due to the weeks of training and high burden of taxes. Allow us to shoulder that cost and save you thousands of dollars, immediately.


As we scour the world for top-tier assistants, we identify many individuals with the desire and talent to be able to support all types of business. Our Virtual Assistants are specifically trained in your business to make sure they understand your customers, your processes, and your culture. Because we are committed to earning your trust, when we hire our new team members we test them and train them suited for your business and culture. This way our assistants already have an understanding of the types of processes and services they’ll be providing you.

The Founders

The reason why for all of us should have to do from getting out of the valley of our life/business (struggles sacrificing our time with those we love to build out a agency) and climbing to the mountain top where we can see better

Wessly J. Anderson


Wess currently runs two separate business’, in two separate states. In the beginning it caused Wess to spend long nights in his office. This time chained to the office caused him to sacrifice precious time with his family, he knew a better way had to exist. Trying to solve the pain of so much lost time, he began hiring Virtual assistants for each of his ventures, and soon he was able to experience more time with his family. He now wants to help others protect their most valuable asset, time.

Abinadi Barrientos


As an agency owner Abinadi has achieved national acclaim as a top producing agency achieving over 2 million in P&C sales in each year shortly after opening. The need for working with Virtual assistants has become obvious as the insurance industry is reducing agency commissions and requiring more of their operations. Opportunities are being taken away through call center type carrier operations with much of this work already being outsourced. Many agencies are often left behind using antiquated and expensive business models. He attributes his success to identifying business practices and finding ways to achieve the same in efficient less costly ways.

David Norton


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Natalie Evans

Marketing Director

Natalie is professional with a decade of experience working within the marketing and insurance industry. She has spent several years and worked for multiple companies. In the state of Utah she’s been able to advance her career and understanding with the corporate enterprise to understand the proper way to scale and operate a business. She loves hiking with friends and family.

Ashley A. Anderson

Marketing Director

Ashley has over fifteen years of experience in the insurance industry. She understands how to operate a business as well as how to scale the business profitably. Her favorite thing to do is to spend time with her family.


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