We Hire, Train and Manage for you!

Don’t waste time and money hiring from job boards. Let our team provide the support to your staff so you don’t have to get bogged down training new hires and processing documents. New employees have a high acquisition cost due to the weeks of training and high burden of taxes. Allow us to shoulder that cost and save you thousands of dollars, immediately.


As we scour the world for top-tier assistants, we identify many individuals with the desire and talent to be able to support all types of business. Our Virtual Assistants are specifically trained in your business to make sure they understand your customers, your processes, and your culture. Because we are committed to earning your trust, when we hire our new team members we test them and train them suited for your business and culture. This way our assistants already have an understanding of the types of processes and services they’ll be providing you.

Our methods to train and onboard Agency VA virtual assistants

A Glimpse Of Our Agency University


Productivity and efficiency tracking through VA Vision

A Glimpse Of Our VA Vision

With an innovative software like VA Vision, all your team will be on the same page, to efficiently move your business from valleys to the mountain top.

Our Virtual Assistants are trained and experienced in all of the following systems


See how Agency VA assistants are transforming the success of insurance agencies.

Agency VA virtual Assistants can do telemarketing, warm transfers, client facing type tasks.
Agency VA virtual assistants are well trained, and crucial part of our team.

Nicholas AyersThrivesure Insurance

Just shear cost Agency VA virtual assistants is about half of what we pay our team here. Double the work for half the cost. We are going to continue to work with them, we are going to continue to scale with them.

Matt NaimoliG&N insurance

THEY ARE AWESOME! They can do back office, and client facing tasks. Agency VA virtual assistants can do Emails, Endorsements, Admin Tasks, also they can answer phones if needed.

Jason CassThe Insurance Alliance

I wanted to work with some type of professional agency, as opposed to getting my VA through the grapevine. The rate is very fair! If you don't have enough time in the day, you need an Agency VA virtual assistant.

Preston SchmidliFriends with benefits Insurance

We talk to our agency va virtual assistant every day. She helps us with quotes, re-quotes, back office admin. Recently I sent our agency va virtual assistant info for a quote at 430 PM on a Friday. By 450 the quote was returned, video proposal created. POLICY SOLD!

Troy ThompsonTroy Thompson

My Agency VA virtual assistant is bi-lingual speaking both English and Spanish. It's important that we get that help with both languages. Our Agency VA virtual assistant allows us to be a lot more efficient. We use our VA primarily for quoting and service. I would definitely give Agency Va a try!

Nato GuajardoTWFG- Guajardo Insurance

Price counts, service matters.

Our goal is to save you money! By pairing experienced, licensed agents with your Virtual Assistant, you get the experience but not the cost.

VA on Demand

Packages starting as low as $199 a month.
VA on Demand, allows for you to simply pay per item or task as it is completed.
No longer worry if you have enough work for your employee or team.



English Speaking
Based in a Foreign Call Center
Enrolled in Agency VA University Begun Training



English & Spanish
U.S. Call Center Employee
Completed Agency VA University




P & C Licensed
Years of Insurance Experience.
Insurance Sales
Experience with most carriers.
Completed Agency VA University.

Services We Offer


Inbound Service Calls

  • Receive incoming calls from clients collect data to process changes
  • Prepare a new insurance quote
  • Collect necessary info from caller to add/change vehicle.
  • Process a Certificate of insurance, Collect a payment, Send Insurance ID cards, and much more using our Live script system.


  • Call defectors and cold leads to requalify and prepare a quote.
  • Cold call leads from Cole X dates and Aged Internet Leads.
  • Telemarket specific business types for workers comp and general liability, create and obtain a database for X-Dates and more.

Outgoing Service Calls

  • Late Payment and Cancellation reminder calls
  • Followup for trailing documents from underwriting
  • Thank you, Birthday, and welcome calls
  • Confirmation of Certificates of Insurance
  • Claims follow up

Agency Management/Data Entry

  • Creation and sending of Certificates of Insurance
  • Filling all types of Acord Forms
  • Reconciling commissions statements
  • Basic bookkeeping and accounting of bank statements and invoices
  • General data entry and filling of forms

Proposal, Rating & Quoting

  • Gathering Initial insurance quotes from live customers
  • Insurance quoting on Rater from Quote sheets
  • Compiling quote sheets from carrier information and inputting to rater
  • Complete quotes on carrier page
  • Prepare proposals and applications for new and renewal clients


  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Facebook Ad management and creation
  • Website design development and implementation
  • Social media daily postings
  • Whitepage creation and marketing material


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