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What are unpaid breaks?
Unpaid break: this is any time during which the Agent is “Punched-In” but does not have the VaVsion Desktop Application project timer running. In short, any time discrepancy between Total Time Punched In and Clocked Hours will be cataogrized as an “Unpaid Break”.
Are Lunch breaks considered unpaid breaks?
No, lunch breaks should be included in your End of Day (EOD) Reports so that they are properly categorized.
What if I forgot to punch in after my break?
Your supervisor has the ability to edit or update your clocked time. Coordinate with your supervisor so they can address any issues.
How can I check if I've submitted my End of Day (EOD) report?

In VA Vision website go to Attendance>(select the date range)>then click “submit”. All information will be appearing e.g. Date, Punch-in, Punch-out, Breaks, Etc. If anything unusual or anything missing please inform your supervisor.